We help students identify Scholarship Opportunities

“A huge thank you to the VA Higher Ed Fund. Each year this organization supports families in need with scholarship assistance. I am honored to be a Momentum Scholarship recipient this year. You have given me the gift of comfort and encouragement.”
John, VCU
The Virginia Higher Education Fund is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that was formed to provide scholarships, emergency aid, books and mentoring. These services are provided exclusively for Virginia high school and college students who have experienced challenging life conditions or are considered “at risk”. This includes students who live in low-income housing, first-generation college students, students who have been homeless, students with medical challenges, disabilities, students who have experienced parental imprisonment, financial challenges or other adverse situations.

We believe that everyone deserves a quality education, even those who have experienced challenging life conditions. We strive to empower through higher education, thus creating a new class of Virginia stakeholders.

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